These general conditions of sale create a legal agreement and apply to all orders concluded between the customer and PULP Pictures (VAT N °: BE 0830.086.507).



1. Object


1.1. PULP Pictures offers photographic and video services as presented on www.pulppictures.be.

1.2. The order of delivery by the customer entails full adherence to these general conditions of sale (GTC).



2. Type of services provided


2.1. The services covered by PULP Pictures include all types of photographic and video services. They can be: events, corporate, b2b, private, artistic, etc. Also included in this panel are photographic or videographic post-production, teaching shooting techniques, filming, montages, etc.

2.2.  Other types of services may be added in the future, depending on the development of PULP Pictures’ activities.



3. Reservation of a service


3.1. The reservation of a service is done :

– via the website www.pulppictures.be
– by email at: pictures.pulp@gmail.com
– by telephone on +32 (0) 486 85 61 51
– via social networks: Facebook (facebook.com/pulppictures.be), LinkedIn( linkedin.com/in/pulppictures), Instagram (instagram.com/pulppictures.be)

Other possibilities of contact can see the day later and will be taken again as and in this article.

3.2. Booking a service can be done at any time subject to the availability of PULP Pictures.

3.3. For reasons of organization and therefore of quality of service, the customer agrees to contact PULP Pictures within a period to make an appointment prior to the service. The availability of PULP Pictures may vary and the company cannot be held responsible for any problem arising from a late booking.

3.4. The making of an appointment commits the client to the respect of this one in time and hour.

3.5. For any cancellation occurring outside the deadlines stipulated by the present GTCS, an amount of 30% of the TVAC price of the service remains due (and represents the deposit if it has already been paid).

3.6. Any order signed or confirmed by email, sms or other means of communication is irrevocable for the customer.

3.7. The date of completion of the service, the schedule, the location and any other information necessary for the proper performance of the service will then be fixed in a final agreement with the customer.

3.8. PULP Pictures undertakes to respect faithfully the indications of the order to the best of its possibilities.

3.9. Any order is accepted and irrevocably fixed for the customer except for special express dispositions from PULP Pictures.

3.10. For services requiring a deposit, the order is accepted once the deposit received



4. Right of retraction


4.1. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the customer has a withdrawal period of 7 working days from the day after the day of the conclusion of the order.

4.2. Any withdrawal decision made within the time limit will be refunded the amount already paid. If a service is planned within a period of less than 7 days, no withdrawal will be accepted.

4.3. However, no refund will be made if the service has been performed in whole or in part, with the consent of the consumer, before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

4.4. After this period of 7 days, the amount paid for the order will not be refunded. The same goes for an appointment without deposit, the sum of 30% will be due for an appointment not canceled.

4.5. Appointments can however be post-set at a later date depending on availability, within a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment.



5. Service modification & cancellation deadline


5.1. Cancellation time:

– Weddings: 20 days before the date of the service
– Event, party, birthday, b2b: 48 hours before the date of the service.
– Video shootings: 5 days before the date of the performance.
– Photo studio session: 48 hours before the date of the service.

5.2. Customers wishing to change the nature or course of a service must notify PULP Pictures at least 15 days before the effective date of the service. It is up to PULP Pictures only to make decisions for the further development of the service concerning changes in tariffs, timing, etc.

The modification of a benefit cannot be transformed into a cancellation of this one. Unless agreed, the deposit paid by the customer will not be refunded.



6. Production of the service


6.1. Photographic or video work is done by PULP Pictures or any other professional photographer / video director appointed by PULP Pictures.

6.2. In the event of a technical incident, or force majeure occurring during the performance and preventing the successful completion thereof, and regardless of the good will of PULP Pictures, the full amount to be paid for this service remains due.

6.3. In the event of a problem with PULP Pictures, the amount will be fully reimbursed to the customer or, by mutual agreement, another date of equivalent service will be provided, without giving rise to any damages in any way whatsoever. is.

6.4. PULP Pictures is not subject to any obligation of result. It makes every effort to provide quality images / results as posted on the website www.pulppictures.be.

6.5. PULP Pictures can not be held responsible for any damages caused involuntarily by its fault during a performance. In case of proven damages, the PULP Pictures owner’s liability insurance will compensate the customer according to the terms of the contract that unites them.

6.6. Any material damage caused by the customer or any other person outside PULP Pictures within the Studio PULP, located avenue des cerisiers 56 in 1030 Brussels, will be entirely charged to the customer.

6.7. The material present in the PULP Studio is the property of PULP Pictures. The customer is obliged not to touch it, except with special permission given by PULP Pictures.

6.8. In case of failure to comply with these instructions, PULP Pictures cannot be held responsible for the poor performance of the service.

6.9. In the event of major modification of a service, PULP Pictures reserves the right to modify the conditions of execution envisaged during the order (places, schedules, unfolding, …).

6.10. A service will not be lengthened in duration if the customer arrives late, except in exceptional cases approved by PULP Pictures.



7. Rates & payments


7.1. Rates are services are those posted on the site www.pulppictures.be or those fixed by mutual agreement between PULP Pictures and the customer before the service.

7.2. In the case of a reservation last minute service, and if nothing was said about the rates, those applied will be those posted on the site www.pulppictures.be.

7.3. The payment of the benefits must be made in € at the latest 15 days after the date of receipt of the bill by the customer on the bank account of PULP Pictures or in cash by hand at the latest the day of the service.

7.4. These rates do not include confidentiality clauses; The customer therefore accepts the possible use by PULP Pictures of images or videos made for him, with the aim of promoting the activities of PULP Pictures.

7.5. PULP Pictures reserves the right to modify its rates as it sees fit, to launch or stop promotions, to offer shoots or teasers for free and to adapt prices according to the client, the type of service, the package specific, etc.

7.6. The final price of a service is fixed by mutual agreement with the customer. This price is not modifiable, except in case of modification of service by the customer, in which case, only PULP Pictures reserves the right to modify the price.

7.7. For weddings, the payment of the benefit must be on the account of PULP Pictures at least 5 days before the day of the benefit or at the latest the day of the benefit if in cash.

7.8. For other services, failing a payment within the time limits (15 days at the latest after receipt of the invoice by the customer) the amount due will be increased automatically by 10% as a lump sum and an increase of 1% per additional day of delay, with formal notice of payment by the recommended route, the additional costs are the responsibility of the customer.



8. Delivery 


8.1. The delivery by PULP Pictures is done within the period agreed with the customer.

8.2. The number of shots delivered is also agreed with the client.

8.3. The delivery time and the number of shots agreed are kept as far as possible, but some cases of force majeure may cause changes in them. These modifications can not be invoked by the customer to request the termination of the contract, or any damages, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing and accepted by PULP Pictures.

8.5. Delivery of files is done via wetransfer.com or any other means agreed with the customer.



9. Artistic work


9.1. PULP Pictures will try to identify the needs of the client in order to provide him with a suitable and quality work.

9.2. PULP Pictures reserves the right to select the photos and / or rushes to be delivered to the customer by remaining in the best listening to the customer.

9.3. For certain performances such as artistic studio photography or artistic video, PULP Pictures has complete control of the artistic rendering of the images.

9.4. Any additional editing requested by the customer may be charged.



10. Responsibilities


10.1. Severe weather : In the event of weather conditions making it impossible to perform an outdoor performance, PULP Pictures’ obligations will be suspended without terminating the contract and without incurring liability. No refund, even partial will be made. It will then be possible to postpone the appointment.

10.2. Force majeure case: PULP Pictures reserves the right to cancel / postpone a photographic service in case of force majeure.

Such cancellation shall neither incur any liability nor give rise to the payment of damages for any reason whatsoever. Another appointment will be given as much as possible in the shortest time to the client.

For weddings, PULP Pictures is committed to doing its best to help customers find another provider available to perform the service.

The refund of the entire amount will then be reimbursed without giving rise to the payment of damages for any reason whatsoever.

10.3. Technical problem and accident: In the event of a technical problem with the photographic / videographic equipment or any accident during the performance preventing PULP Pictures from performing the requested work, the entire amount will be reimbursed without giving rise to the payment of damages for any reason whatsoever. it would be.

PULP Pictures can not be held responsible in case of damage / theft caused by the customer or any outside person, to the material necessary for a service.

10.4. Unavailability: If it is impossible for PULP Pictures to complete the contract, a full refund, including the deposit will be made, without giving rise to the payment of damages for any reason whatsoever.

For weddings, PULP Pictures is committed to doing its best to help customers find another provider available to fulfill the contract.

The refund of the entire amount will then be made without giving rise to the payment of damages for any reason whatsoever.



11. Copyright & use of images


11.1. The reworked photo files, in .JPG format, will be delivered to the client. In any case, .JPG files not retained during sorting or unused will not be given, free of charge, to the customer (s). The raw files (RAW) remain the property of PULP Pictures and will not, under any circumstances, be handed over to the client to his family or his beneficiaries.

11.2. Any photographic or video production gives PULP Pictures artistic, patrimonial and moral property rights, as defined by the Intellectual Property Code. Customers therefore only enjoy the right to reproduce and use the photos for private and non-profit purposes. Customers are not allowed to give photos to professionals who participated in their event, such as hairdresser, makeup artist, DJ, caterer, cameraman, etc. Only PULP Pictures is entitled to do so, unless otherwise agreed by PULP Pictures.

11.3. The customer is by law, the inalienable owner of his image and PULP Pictures must respect this right to the image.

As a result, PULP Pictures and the customer will have to consult each other if there is a need to exploit the photos in a setting other than that defined by this agreement.

The agreement includes, among others, the publication or use of photos for the purpose of promoting PULP Pictures: publication of a possible work presenting the work, exhibition and competition, including the reproduction right, in particular: catalogs, press kits, local, national or specialized press, websites and web galleries of PULP Pictures by all existing or future representation processes: business cards, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, paper composites and personal books from PULP Pictures.

The customer can acquire the images (assignment of rights by PULP Pictures) for a surcharge. The price is calculated on the basis of the number of photos, their use, the place of use and the duration of use.

11.4. PULP Pictures is, in principle, the copyright owner of his / her photos / videos, montages, retouches, etc.

Thus, PULP Pictures is notably holder of the rights of reproduction, distribution and communication, to the public of its original works, also benefits from the right of paternity (right to claim that it is the author of a photo and that is affixed on it his name or pseudonym) and the right to the integrity of his photo (in other words, the right to respect for his work).

11.5. The delivered files do not become actually usable by the customer until the totality of the payment perceived by PULP Pictures.

11.6. Any post or publication made by a client on any social network (as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, …) that contains a work done by PULP Pictures must credit the name of “PULP Pictures” and a link to the PULP Pictures profile or page present on the network in question.



12. Preservation of files


12.1. PULP Pictures agrees to keep the .JPG format photo files available to the customer for a period of 1 year. Nevertheless, PULP Pictures can not be held responsible for a computer crash, theft or any other event resulting in the loss of data during this period.

12.2. The client must, for security, make a backup of the files on his own side.



13. PULP Pictures website


13.1. RGPD compliance: The site of PULP Pictures complies with the new European legislation of the RGPD (European General Regulation on Data Protection).

13.2. Respect for privacy: We respect the rules regarding the respect of the privacy of our visitors.

13.3. Secure Communications: When you provide your information on our site via the contact form, your data is encrypted via an SSL certificate (https) to ensure its security.

13.4. Data transmitted: The data transmitted via our contact form are stored in our database for a maximum of 1 year, then they are destroyed.

When you make a reservation, your information is stored in order to process your have not made any other orders, your booking information is deleted.

If one year after your booking you have not made another order, your booking information will be erased.

13.5. Respect for your rights in data protection: Our hosting, but also our website are covered by a maintenance contract to keep them updated technically and thus avoid security risks.

The data transmitted via the contact form are stored on our server.

Apart from the mechanisms put in place to consult and delete the transmitted data, you can contact the pictures.pulp@gmail.com email address to verify that:

– Your data has been erased
– Check the accuracy of the data transmitted;
– Correct the transmitted data;
– Any question you would have with regard to the processing of your personal data.
– For any contact request, please use the following email address pictures.pulp@gmail.com or the contact form.



14. In case of dispute


14.1. The contractual relations between the parties to which these general conditions apply are governed exclusively by Belgian law. Any dispute that may arise between the client and PULP Pictures will be submitted to the competent courts in Belgium.

14.2. The courts competent to settle the disputes between PULP Pictures and the customers are those of the district of Brussels and Brabant Wallon.

14.3. The dispute must always be settled by the competent court in French.



The customer acknowledges having read these Terms. These GTC can be changed at any time by PULP Pictures.

They serve as regulations in the event of litigation, even if a friendly settlement remains the priority of PULP Pictures.

PULP Pictures would like to thank customers for their understanding.



Done in Brussels on 23/08/2017,

All Rights Reserved | All contents displayed on this website are the property of PULP Pictures. 2018.